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Custom Design Service

Ambedded Technology provides the customization design service and standard products based on ARM based RISC processor technology. Our rich experiences over embedded computer such as gaming (slot machine, logic box), in-vehicle computer and medical device, provide the most feasible solution for your applications.


We provide following product features which could be integrated into your embedded applications.


icon Mobile: GPS/Glonass, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G/LTE wireless, ZigBee


In-Vehicle: Wide range DC input (9 - 32 V), Ignition power control.


Gaming: SRAM, intrusion logger, GPIO, Timer and software protection security


Software: Embedded OS (Windows CE, Linux, Android), device driver, API and firmware


We provide complete custom design service based on your needs. The design service includes proposal, project control, mechanical design, hardware design, software design, design quality verification, production and technical supports.