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New Era for Embedded Applications

I have been working in industrial PC field for more than two decades since Intel 8088 era. In the past, using x86 architecture as embedded platform has two major costs. The first is the Intel processor and chipsets. The second is OS license cost of Microsoft. We did not have many choices for choosing the hardware platform. What we could do is following the roadmap of Intel although they are not natively designed for embedded use.

I watched the technology of RISC processor especially the ARM-based SOC has been improved a lot. This is mainly driven by mobile device applications. The ARM-based SOC platforms have so many advantages compare to traditional x86 platform used on embedded applications.


1. Scalable performance: ARM9, ARM11, Cortex A, Cortex M, single-core to multi-cores

2. Wide selection form different manufacturers

3. A lot of SOCs are mainly designed for embedded applications

4. Highly-integrated I/O and features in one chip provide the high reliability and cost

5. More than 10 years of longevity

6. Low power and low cost

7. Free open source OS and Apps


The purpose of funding Ambedded Technology is to provide the alternative solutions to embedded applications beside x86 platforms. Helping customers to profit from using ARM-based architecture, as the embedded platform is my biggest dream. Why shall we still stick at x86 technology?