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About Ambedded

Ambedded Technology was founded in 2013 with the talented team experienced in ARM based software defined storage appliance design and manufacture. 

Today, the company is specialized in enterprise storage solution based on Ceph, ARM Micro Server and integrated easy-to-use user interface. Ambedded stands out his pursuit on the cutting edge solution for distributed Cloud Storage/Computing.

Ambedded Technology offers Software Defined Storage powered by ARM based microservers to lower the cost of energy, hardware and management for datacenter and enterprise.

The innovative architecture, which used one server for each storage devices, fit best for distributed storage and computing. It eliminates the annoyed low compute utility issue of traditional server. The unlimited scalability scale out computing power, network bandwidth and storage capacity together.

Our software defined storage is based on the open source storage software Ceph to offer unified scale out storage solution for object storage, block storage and file sharing system.

The ARM based microserver products are also potential to be used for various distributed applications such as web service, content delivery, NoSQL and big data analysis.

With his passion on finding best solution & is not limited existing technology, Ambedded's pursuit for technology, creative approach to the IT section and the value he respects to contribute to the client, are the key ingredients of Ambedded to provide better solution & service to his clients.

Four fundamentals led to the creation of Ambedded Technology:

icon Technology improvements create the new era of ARM based microserver beside the old x86 technologies.


The success of ARM based low power microserver design and service require an overall vision: Application knowledge, Technology, Hardware, Software, Mechanism, and System integration.


Knowledge of the field is essential in a domain where details make all the difference. Products without excellent technical support can lead to poorly adapted solutions.


Solutions from product-oriented manufacturers are often biased and incomplete. Only people with the view of application make project success.

Why our customers come to Ambedded

icon Knowledge: We give customer quick and precise solution as we understand what customer is thinking and want.


Service: Quality service enables customer focus on their core business without worrying hardware design and manufacturing.


Resource: Experienced people with project control, hardware, software, mechanical, manufacturing, logistic and technical support.