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Ceph Software Defined Storage Appliance


Ceph Software Defined Storage Appliance

No: Mars 200

Storage Proxy

Storage Protocols Block: iSCSI, iSCSI multi-path, RBD, Cinder
File: NFS (v2, v3, v4), SMB, CephFS (incoming)
Object: OpenStack Swift, Amazon S3
OpenStack: Nova, Glance, Cinder, Swift
Containers Backend storage for Openshift Enterprise 3.1.1 and 3.2
Client Side Caching native supported
High Availability Replication/ Erasure code
Multipath I/O iSCSI multipath
Installation Pre-installed Appliance


Storage Platform

Processor ARM based
IOPS Per Node Varibale, depends on storage node hardware configuration
Minimum Nodes Per Storage
3 micro server (nodes)
* 1xMars 200 already contains 8 nodes
Maxi. Node Per Cluster Unlimited
Maxi. Capacity Per Cluster Unlimited


Storage Features

I/O Optimization
Auto Balancing automatic distribution of data across cluster, to optimize capacity and resource utilization
Auto Tiering automatic placement of active data on the highest performing storage resources
I/O Sequentialization aggregates random I/O and streamlines writes to the storage cluster
Storage Configuration YES, Mars 200 supported, support all-flash, hybrid and all-HDD config
Maxi. Capacity Per Cluster Unlimited

Storage Efficiency
Thin Provisioning via RBD image

Data Protection
Tunable Replication

Replicaion factor: 1-10; Erasure code (K+M < OSD numbers)
Policy (Crush map):
Datacenter (incoming)
Region (incoming)

Snapshots Max. Of snapshots: Unlimited
Clones Max. Of Clones: Unlimited
Self-Healing Support auto scrubbing with daily and weekly schedule
Maximum Object size Object Size: Min: 4KB MAX: 32MB

Management Interface and APIs
GUI UI on each MON node; compatible to any Html5 web browser also the mobile device
CLI SSH (supports administration, monitoring and automation functions)
API RESTful API (supports to administration functions) incoming feature



Create Crush Map on Mars 200/201 CEPH for Object Storage and OpenStack
on Ambedded MARS200
Create iSCSI Target with RBD Image as
Backing Store on Ambedded MARS200
Create CEPH Pools, Images, Snapshot &
Clone on Ambedded MARS200
Create CEPH MON & OSD on Ambedded MARS200  


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