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Ambedded Week 2018 in Belgium, Germany & Thailand



Welcome to visit our 3 events in Asia & Europe during Ambedded Week 2018

March 10 - 16 is Ambedded week. Ambedded and his Europe & Thailand partners will presenting Ceph Appliance in 3 events.
Ambedded Mars 200 is a scalable software defined storage appliance integrated with Ceph, decentralized Arm server cluster and easy to use web-based management user interface. Thanks to it’s no single point of failure server. The smallest failure domain storage solution provides high availability SDS on both hardware and software. The tuned Ceph on Mars 200 provide better throughput/IOPS than Ceph on same cost x86 servers. The web-based user interface Unified Virtual Storage Manager (UVS) enables you to manage your Ceph storage without learning the Ceph from beginning. The appliance consumes only 1/3 of energy compare with x86 servers.
Beside the Ceph appliance, Ambedded also provides solutions to save your time on integrating the SDS with applications on OpenStack, S3 cloud storage, big data, edge datacenter, Docker Container persistent storage, Disaster Recovery etc.
      1. March 12-16: CloudFest, Europa-park Germany by Starline & EuroStor
      2. March 13: SiS Solution Showcase, Thailand by SiS Distribution.
      3. March 14 & 15: Data & Cloud Expo, Brussel Belgium by Ambedded.
Welcome to visit our events & see how we can solve your storage issues and save your total cost of ownership.