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Ceph Software Defined Storage Appliance

Ambedded Ceph Software Defined Storage Appliance



Mars 400 Ceph Storage Appliance



Mars 400 SUSE Enterprise Storage



Ambedded Ceph Appliance mars series product is turn key software-defined storage solution integrated with ARM-Based MicroServer, Ceph software, and web-based Ceph Management User Interface. The Mars series appliances are the scalable storage solution for mid- and large-scale enterprises and data centers. Its ease of management, no single point of failure, and low 100~105-Watts power consumption provide a huge total cost of ownership (TCO) savings.



Ceph is an open source distributed storage software which uses data replication or erasure code algorithm to store data chunks in a computer cluster. If there is a hardware failure, Ceph can re-heal the lost data chunks by all other healthy computer hosts in the cluster. It re-heal data faster and allows more hardware failures compare to the traditional disk array. It is scalable on capacity and performance. Because of the clustered design, Ceph is no single point of failure and always keep high available storage service for your applications. It is a unified software-defined storage which provides object storage, block storage and file system in a single cluster. Ambedded offers the Ambedded supported community version Ceph and SUSE Enterprise Storage version of Ceph as your options.

Please refer to the features of Ceph for details.





Mars series server platforms accommodate 8x Dual-Core ARM 64-bit servers in a one-rack-unit (1RU) chassis. Two in-chassis redundant switches provide 4x10 Gbps uplink for horizontal scale out and client access. It eliminates network - storage device bottlenecks by pairing a single server node with a single storage device. Every ARM server node provides dedicated CPU, memory, storage and network interface resources to its supported object storage device (OSD). As a result, OSD performance is far more balanced than traditional single-server node designs supporting many OSDs. Further, Mars platform architecture provides greater accessibility due to its lack of a single point of failure. Also, by limiting the failure domain to a single disk, the Mars exhibits faster recovery from microserver failures. 



Ceph software-defined storage is powerful, agile and it supports many features. However, managing the Ceph cluster is not a simple task. Ambedded’s web-based management tool UniVirStor Manager enables you to manage the Ceph cluster through the graphical user interface. 

The UVS manager provides features for monitoring and management of pool, compression, block device image, CephFS file system, Object Storage gateway, CRUSH map, Access Authentication, iSCSI LUN, and NFS, etc.

It automates functions that are often used to simplify administrator's management work and avoid human mistakes while using the command line interface.

The UVS manager runs on all monitor nodes to provide redundancy. You don’t need extra resource to host the UVS manager software to build the high availability user interface. 

Following picture shows the stacks and features of UVS manager. Please refer the user interface page for more features. 



Unlimited Scale Out Configurable Failure Domain (CRUSH Algorithm)



Unlimited Replication & Erasure Coding Self Healing & Failure Tolerance