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The Innovative ARM Based Micro Server for Cloud

Ambedded technology is pleased to announce the launch of his innovative ARM based micro server Cy7 & Cy21 designed for cloud storage and computing. The key innovation is its architecture to form the cloud storage, which use one server for each storage device.


Traditional server is very inefficient in power consumption because it not only consumes a lot of power but also generates a lot of heat waste. ARM processor is not as powerful as x86 CPU but it is very suitable for distributed applications. And the ARM based Micro Server consumes much less energy. Ambedded choose the Marvell Armada 370 1.0GHz ARM SOC as the core of its micro server be cause it is the best choice for micro server cluster architecture.

CyOneThe Cy7 ARM server system is a 1U height chassis accommodates 7 micro servers (CyOne). Each CyOne is a complete server with1GHz ARM v7 CPU, DRAM, NAND flash, 2 Giga LAN and SATA 2.0 interface. Every CyOne can have its own IP address.

Each CyOne micro server attaches one storage device. The storage capacity and computing power is aggregated by installing numbers of CyOne. The system architecture of the storage system is build by connecting many micro servers linked with Ethernet. There are two Giga bit Ethernet switches on the backplane to connect the micro servers in the Cy7 chassis and provide two Giga bps uplinks. By connecting Cy7s to external switches, you build the cloud storage cluster.

The Cy21 ARM server is a 1U chassis accommondates 21 Micro Servers (CyOne). It utilize solid state disks instead of hard disks to offer much higher density and disk I/O performance.

cloud storage cluster

CyRackThe storage capacity and computing power is linearly proportion to the number of CyOne and storage device you put and it is unlimited scalability. The CyOne micro server runs Linux so you can use any open source cloud software such as Gluster FS, Ceph, Hadoop or Open Stack easily.


The redundancy of the data and servers are all defined by software. Data backup and computing tasks are distributed to different nodes in the cluster. So it can be no single point of failure.


Any node fails in the cloud won’t affect the healthy of the cloud. There is no urgency to fix a single node failure. Only scheduled maintenance is required. The advantages of our architecture are

1) Low hardware cost.
2) Very low power consumption: Less than 2.5 Watts per server
3) High density to save the space.
4) Very low maintenance cost

It is good solution for object storage, distributed storage and computing.


Ambedded has built three server racks of CyOne cluster for his strategy partner Cynny Inc. There are total 1596 CyOne nodes and 5472 TB of storage. Each rack consumes maximum 6K Watts of power. Cynny has a big advantage of operation cost on cloud storage because of using Cy7 as his infrastructure.


Now Cy7 and Cy21 ARM server is available for cloud applications such as data storage, datacenter and big data.