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Microserver Platform Born for Software Defined Storage

Software defined storage software such as Ceph and Gluster build the distributed storage by one server node attaching only one storage device. The I/O bandwidth of the server node is more important than the computing performance. Traditional server architecture is not the perfect fit for distributed storage because network is usually saturated with low CPU utility. Using virtual machine or multi-deamons has the risk of lost multiple storage devices when single server fails.


Microserver Platform Born for Software Defined Storage


The ideal architecture is one bare metal server node host only one storage device with a low cost and low power consumption microserver which its CPU can provide just enough computing resource to fully serve the I/O at full bandwidth.


Ambedded Technology provides an innovative microserver architecture designed for distributed storage. The architecture of microserver storage is integrating multiple microservers in a 1U server chassis and linked all microservers together with in-chassis switch controller to provide the cluster fabric. Each microserver has an ARM based extra low power SoC, DDR DRAM, dual Ethernet ports and SATA port. The dual Ethernet ports provide dedicate in-cluster network and public network. Each microserver attaches single storage device through its SATA interface. The in chassis switch controllers also provide dual uplink Ethernet ports provide the network for top of the rack switches.

Microserver Platform Born for Software Defined Storage

This microserver cluster platform and architecture has following advantages to datacenters.


icon Dramatically drop the TCO of datacenters by reducing the power consumption, energy used for cooling and initial hardware cost.
icon Unlimited scale out with linearly increment on performance.
icon Distributed the rick of single node failure to multiple microservers. This reduces the risk of single microserver to the minimum.


Ambedded Technology has launched his first ARM based microserver Cy7 and Cy21 since June 2014. There are more than 2,000 microserver nodes have been deployed to customers in Europe and US. That is about 8,000 TB of storage. They are enjoying the benefit of using Ambedded microserver storage system in their data centers.


During the upcoming Cloud Expo Frankfurt 2015, Ambedded will present his latest ARM based microserver Mars 200. Mars 200 microserver system provides 8 low power ARM based microserver nodes. Each microserver is equipped with dual 2.5Gbps Ethernet. Dual in-chassis switches provide 4x 10G uplink to guarantee no network bottleneck.


Here are the brief features of Mars 200.

icon Microserver
- ARM v7 dual core 1.6GHz
- 8GB flash storage
- Dual 2.5Gbps Ethernet ports
- 6Gbps SATA port
- Maximum power consumption: 6 Watts per node
icon System
- 8 x fast swap microservers
- 8 x hot swappable HDD bay
- 8 x PCIe 5Gbps SSD slot
- Dual hot swappable layer 2 in chassis switch with 4 x 10G uplink
- 80 plus silver redundant power supply
- Form factor: 1U, 730mm depth
icon Support Ceph and GlusterFS
icon Microserver remote management: Console over Ethernet, remote reset, power on control, watchdog timer

Welcome to visit Ambedded Technology at Cloud Expo Frankfurt booth 449.