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Software Defined Storage Powered by ARM based Microserver Cluster

There is a huge and increasing demand for storage in data centers and enterprises. The Application is king, the OS is the heartbeat and storage is the lifeblood. Without storage, none of these apps would have anything interesting. Traditional storage mechanisms like NAS & SAN are scale up devices and have a limit to scale out, the marketing is oriented toward a durable, highly concurrent and large-scale ecosystem.


Today Software Defined Storage has made it possible to ARM-Based Micro Server - MARS 200overcome such limitation and have petabyte scale-out possible. Ceph & GlusterFS are open source software defined storage platforms designed to present object, block, and file storage from a single distributed computer cluster. Their main goals are to be completely distributed without a single point of failure, scalable to the Exabyte level and highly reliable. You can add any number of nodes and any number of hard drivers to the cluster. The hard drives can be different sizes, types or maker too. You don’t need expensive RAID cards.


Ceph & GlusterFS has its own way of replication. The more nodes you add the more reliable the storage will be and the better will be the performance. It is ready to be integrated with your existing infrastructure of OpenStack/CloudStack. If the cloud is to deliver high performance, reliable and resilient storage, the cloud needs to move beyond the SAN. Distributed storage speaks to the fundamental difference in scale-up architecture in SANs to the scale-out of the cluster.

ARM-Based Micro Server - MARS 200


Reduce the TCO significantly, which is important to the customers as they start building the next generation of the scalable infrastructures that must be very competitive in terms of the feature set it provides and most importantly the cost. The other Ceph Software Defined Storage Appliance for OpenStack - MARS 200factor that adds to the cost is the increasing amount of rack space and power consumption. You keep on adding servers as your customers demand and this increases your capital expenditure and also operating cost too.


Ambedded’s software defined storage appliance is powered by ARM based microserver cluster. This gives you tremendous TCO reduction by using much efficient hardware platform.


The main features of ARM based microserver cluster infrastructure are


icon Dedicate resource on CPU, DRAM, Network and Storage bandwidth for every single storage device to provide stable performance
icon Aggregates network bandwidth to eliminate the bottleneck in a very low cost way
icon One microserver connects to only one storage device reduces the lost of single server node
icon Reduce cooling cost of your server room as it generates much less heat
icon Benefit low power and low hardware cost of the hardware


Ambedded software defined storage solution makes your storage business become more competitive. Welcome to visit Ambedded Technology at Cloud Expo Frankfurt booth 449. We will demo our ARM based software defined storage in our booth. Please event registration, please visit: